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VisaCommunity ("Website") is accessible worldwide to anyone with Internet access. Access to and use of Website are subject to the Terms of Service ("TOS") as described below and all applicable laws and regulations. Please read this agreement in its entirety before using Website. By accessing any features or content of Website, you accept without limitation or qualification, all of the TOS outlined below. If you reject or don’t agree with the below TOS, you should not access any content or features of Website. Website reserves the right to revise TOS at any time. Changes will appear on this page within 24 hours of change. By using Website, you agree in advance to accept any changes to TOS.


Website contains discussion forums, galleries and user blogs, and other interactive features. Such interactive features shall be hereby referred to as “Services”. Contributed discussions, images, videos, sound files, etc. shall hereby be referred to as “Content”.

By contributing any Content via Services, you are solely responsible for the legality of Content uploaded or transmitted via Services. By submitting Content, you agree that you are the sole owner of Content and indemnify VisaCommunity and its owners from any copyright liability.

VisaCommunity claimes no responsibility for Content submitted by users via Service. VisaCommunity merely provides means to submit Content. Content submitted by users may be inaccurate, indecent, offensive, or even criminal in nature. VisaCommunity and its owners take no responsibility for any Content. By using Services, you agree to bear all liability and responsibility of the posting of your Content. By using Services, you also agree to bear any risk in consuming Content from other users, and hold VisaCommunity and its owners harmless. Any Content submitted by you is owned by you. VisaCommunity claims no ownership over submitted Content. Content is hosted on Website under license by you the copyright holder.

Users or authorities who believe any Content is in violation of ethics or laws is encouraged to contact the Webmaster with their concerns. VisaCommunity reserves the right to remove Content at its discretion. VisaCommunity, furthermore, reserves the right to terminate accounts at its discretion.

Moderators are volunteers of Website who are given certain permissions to carry out general order and make a best effort to monitor Content. Any moderation is done in best faith to keep Content in compliance with TOS. Moderator’s actions are done in good faith on a volunteer basis. Furthermore, moderators are not bound by contract or obligation, or monetarily compensated by VisaCommunity or its owners. Therefore moderators, as well as Website and its owners are not liable for Content. There is no guarantee or obligation to any level of moderation.

By using Services, you agree that VisaCommunity, at its sole discretion, may terminate any Content or account at any time for any reason.


By utilizing Services, you agree that you will not:

*Publish content intended to misguide, lie or mislead.

*Publish content containing verbal abuse or violates another user’s rights.

*Publish content containing SPAM.

*Publish content that contains hate speech against any group.

*Publish content that infringes on any copyrights or other intellectual property.

*Publish content containing or linking to malware, viruses or other damaging material.

*Publish content containing or linking to any adult content including nudity.

*Publish content advertising a commercial service or product.

*Publish content containing unauthorized legal advice.

*Publish content whose sole purpose is to antagonize or harass other users.


VisaCommunity takes efforts to keep Content in compliance with the TOS, but makes no warranties to the safety, accuracy, or nature of all Content. All Content is offered for your consumption on an “as-is” basis.


If you believe any Content on VisaCommunity violates your intellectual property, VisaCommunity will investigate and take action in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA"). Your complaint will be posted in accordance with DMCA for appeal by the alleged infringer in accordance with DMCA. If you do post infringing Content, you will be liable legally and financially for any damages to the original copyright holder and VisaCommunity.


VisaCommunity, its owners, moderators and members do not constitute or substitute legal advice and no attorney-client relationship is formed. VisaCommunity makes no explicit claims to have expert knowledge of immigration law or procedure. Any information contained in Content on Website is intended as a resource for members to interact based on their experiences only. The nature of law and information is always changing, and information that may have been accurate at one point may not be now. Do not take any actions based on the information stated in the Content of the site without consulting a licensed attorney.