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k1 visa SECOND JOB??

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  • k1 visa SECOND JOB??


    I just submitted the I129F form (K1 visa) yesterday and I have a steady and great job. However, I have been looking for ways to get a second income just to help a little more each month. This is not something I absolutely need but its something that will help with some of the expenses when he arrives (more money is never really a bad thing right?). Anyway my question is I was looking at maybe getting a job for UBER Eats just to earn a little extra few bucks while we wait on this long for the wedding...fees...etc...just setting money aside. Will this be any problems while I already sent my form to USCIS? I know they will run a background check on me and I don't want them to think I am lying to them!

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    No, it'll not cause any problem with your application.


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