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K-1 Visa and traveling to USA with another visa.

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  • K-1 Visa and traveling to USA with another visa.

    Hello everybody!

    My fiance's concern and mine is simple. We want to apply for a K-1 Visa but in the mean time (while processing), we don't want to be apart for unnecessary time. She already has a tourist visa, 10 years to be exact, and has been traveling back and forth with it for several years. Other times, I travel back and forth, some months here, some there... you get what I'm saying. So, the question:

    Will applying for K-1 Visa cancel here tourist visa or impede her from travel to The States?

    Please and thank you!


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    It depends on the Immigration Officer there are cases that the immigration will not allow her to enter United States while the K1 Application is ongoing. And if they will allow her to travel back and forth, once the Fiance Visa is approved and that she enters United States on a K1 fiance Visa she can no longer travel outside US even if the tourist visa is still valid without having the Travel Permit or Green Card since K1 Fiance Visa is a single entry.


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