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    The UCIS recieved our I29f on the 15th of November 2017 to be processed at the California service centre. We have a straight forward and well evidenced application as we have been dating for five years, lived together for 9 months and been engaged for 2 years. We both have good employment records, no criminal convictions, good credit scores, no children. We have been saving for our wedding for the past two years and have a beautiful wedding planned in NYC on the 18th of July.

    Our case has been in "processing" for 150 days. We originally thought this part of the process would take 3-5 months only to see that processing times have increased now to 5-7. We planned the date to submit the 129f and associated forms based on the fact that I am a teacher and if things processed quicker than expected I didn't want to be forced to leave my students before their exams (in reality it was incredibly naive to think any part of this process would be quick). We are now in a position where I think we may have to postpone the wedding and disappoint the 24 people from the UK who have already booked and paid for their flights and accommodation.

    Once the visa is approved I will have to wait untill the NVC process it and send it to the London embassy who then need to schedule an interview and I will have to book a medical for at least 5 days prior to that interview. After the interview it will take two weeks to get my passport back. So with that in mind I would expect this to take another 2 months after approval, and at this point I have no faith anymore of when that approval may come.

    Things I have learnt:
    There is a lot of information, and mixed information out there regarding this process and how long it will take.

    Nobody can really give you any information on your specific case and how it is being "processed". My fiancé calls every week and has got no where.

    Don't book your wedding or get excited about anything, it is the most punishing and heartbreaking feeling when this process ruins your plans. Especially so if you have put a lot of effort working to save the money for these things and so have your friends and family.

    My fiancé tried to expedite the process through his local senators office but the UCIS wrote back saying there is nothing that can be done as the form is in the normal processing times (the increased ones).

    My fiancé and I have been working on this and our relationship for 5 years. I'm sure I am preaching to the choir in saying long distance and the K1 process is emotionally draining and financially taxing. But if you are reading this as someone who has just met the love of your life and are looking for options, just bare in mind that if you go for this it will prove what kind of stuff you are both made of and it is not an option to attempt unless you are 100% sure you can make sacrifices to be with that person for life.A younger women I work with started this process and gave up on the relationship a few months ago without contacting anyone to retract the forms..... accept that your application is probably sat under piles of whimsically put together or fake applications.

    I guess ultimately the way I have rationalised this is by thinking it is a privillage to be accepted to reside in another country, and that it is only fair that everybody jumps through the same hoops. However, if you are UK citizen who has enjoyed the freedom of the EU it can come as a bit of a shock being scrutinised regarding the legitimacy of your intent and worthiness.

    If anybody has any ideas or advice on what I could do to make it so that we do not have to cancel our wedding I would be eternally greatful.

    Otherwise, I hope this recount of our experience so far has helped you in some way.

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    Hello I am new on this site my name is Abi Clark. If anyone is waiting on an approval and has waited 7 months ( usual time is 5 to 7 months.) I have known my fiancee for 3 yrs 3 mths. We have been angaged for 24 mths. My fiancee is from Arba Minch Ethiopia. I visited him and met his wonderful family May of 2017. I crossed the Atlantic Ocean. I filed his petition on July 2017, it took 30 days to receive his signature on intent to marry me in 90 days this took 30 days it priority mail. After i filed his petition with help from RapidVisa on July 28,2017 it was sent to Texas, Texas sent it to Laguna Niguel Southern California I am from Modesto Northern California. They requested another signature from my on the intent to marry me in 90 days with date under signature my fiancee forgot to date his signature and I didn't include envelope his first signature came in. This time it arrived priority mail like first signature but I received it in 5 days. I sent it to USCIS priority mail including both priority Envelopes and more pictures on March 18 they received it. On April 12 I called them since it was now going on 9 mths. omg I was looking for cheepest air line tickets to fly back to Ethiopia my fiance was really getting a little frustrated and we were missing each other. I spoke with him and told him I was told we would hear something in15 to 30 days. By the grace of God and the assistance from the wonderful staff at RapidVisa I received confirmation this morning April 19 that his petition was approved I almost passed out. It only took them 7 days to complete our petition from day I called them .Almost 9 months due to our error in my fiance not signing his signature and me not including envelopes proving they came from my fiancee in Ethiopia. It was 9:00 am California time Ethiopia is 10 hrs ahead my fiancee called to wish me a good day five minutes after I finished reading my email. It was the best news ever and I had the opportunity to share with him before he went to sleep.i am sure he is sleeping in peace. So again thank you RapidVisa staff , our great country above all Good. So now we wait for his interview in Ethiopia. Please a reminder if you have been waiting for 7 months give the the the office who is handling your Petition a call. also remember RapidVisa is available. Good Luck
    Abi Clark


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