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  • K-1 Visa with AOS Cont

    Good Evening. I had a simple but maybe complicated question. I currently work overseas, but maintain a domicile in the US. My fiance lives in Honduras and I work on the other side of the globe. I plan on working overseas for the next 2 years, but want my fiance to have US status to enter and exit. Once we complete the K-1 visa get married and apply for AOS in the states. Will she be able to leave out of the country and enter back in while the AOS is processing in the states? Does she have to physically be in the states for this to happen? I know if you leave with the AOS and try to re-enter that's not allowed, but if the process is flowing while you are out of country will she be allowed to re-enter? So if I am working overseas and come back to marry her within let's say 1 week and I have to leave back out again the following week. She will not be able to travel because the AOS hasn't been completed nor a green card? Can she leave and go back to the US once the AOS has been completely processed or does she physically have to be in the states during this process?

    Thanks in Advance

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