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K1 visa request for Cuba

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  • K1 visa request for Cuba

    Hi, I am trying to get my girlfriend from Cuba to come live with me. I already started the process of the K1 visa. My first question is, is that better than marrying her and apply for the spousal visa?
    My main concern here is that relations between USA and Cuba have always been tense and this last few months have been even worse, with all the issues at the embassy in Havana. Many say that when the interview comes, it has to be done in Colombia, and now I heard rumors that in Mexico too. Does anyone have any idea of what is going on exactly? Any stories or advise are welcome too. Thank you in advance

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    I don't know much about the current situation between USA and Cuba, but all I know is that if you haven't filed your petition for K1 Visa yet, STOP NOW and go and marry your fiancee then file for spousal visa... you will save time and lots of cash too...the K1 Visa process is currently taking close to a year before your fiancee can be granted a visa... don't forget that she has to come over here and apply for a change of status then apply for a green card...but if she comes on a spousal visa she will already have the green card then...

    Right now I am at day 190 since my case was received by USCIS and I haven't heard back from them since...
    If I knew it would take this long, we would have gotten married and then apply for a spousal visa...


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