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K1 or CR1: which is best and faster way to go?

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  • K1 or CR1: which is best and faster way to go?

    Directly, here's my situation:
    Was once in the US on a K1 visa. I got pregnant but everything was called off because of certain circumstances. I had to leave the U.S. because of the 90-day rule.
    Gave birth to a baby girl who is now 18 months. She does not have her father's surname (nor an acknowledgment from him) on her birth certificate.
    After all this time, in his love and longingness, my (former) fiance wants me and our child back in the U.S. with him.

    What is the faster way, the best and most cost-effective way to go from this point?

    On another note, will an approved CRBA of the child (and eventually her US passport) somewhat "expedite" the visa-application situation?

    Thank you for all your advice. I wish all of you well. Christmas greetings, by the way!

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    You may do apply for a K1 Visa again but to confirm when was your last filing? CRBA and Immigrant visa is two different application and it doesn't matter at all in terms of visa time frame process.


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      Currently the best and faster way to get your significant other to USA is through CR1...
      The K1 Visa process is taking way much longer than it used to and it's not worth it anymore... but that's just my opinion


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