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I get paid cash. How can I show proof?

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  • I get paid cash. How can I show proof?

    I have many questions. 1st I met my fiancé on international Cupid and I don’t know if I have to show anything for that. N then I also got engaged the 1st time we met in person 4 months after talking all day every day. Is that a problem? And also I get paid cash. How do I show proof of that? And will it be a problem?

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    If you paid money to use the site (not including internet costs) you will have to answer the question Yes when asked about IMB if you did not pay money to use the site you met your fiancé on then you answer No. Since you met your fiancé online it would be wise to get a letter from the site stating they are not an international marriage broker. Since you said you met on internationalcupid the link to contact them is:

    For proof of income for the affidavit of support you will need to provide your tax returns and a statement from your bank and a statement from your employer. The statement from the bank is not difficult but only shows you have a bank account and have x-number of dollars in it. Have a bank officer sign it and if possible show you have had the account for however many years and have them include the deposits you have made (your income) over that year. The statement from your employer showing your employment status might only help if you have regular work through one or two employers. The tax forms help show you have made money every year. Probably best to send three years of those. I hope this helps.
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