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  • Past criminal history

    My son wants to bring his financee to fl from the Philipines to get married. I know he needs to submit the 129f. The question I have. My son has a past non violent criminal history with the last one being about 7 years. Will his petition be denied? Don't know what route to take. Please advise

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    What specific non violent criminal history you are referring to, please? and what's the status right now?


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      Same question, 2 arrests. 32 years old now. One when 17, for criminal mischief, case was removed from record, the other for failure to appear to a speeding ticket. Any concern? Rapid visa suggesting court records, i am not sure any exist.


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        If you have Past Records regardless of how many years ago, you need to provide Court Records.
        Not unless you have documentation of that said case that you can provide.


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