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    I have sent many email messages and instant messages and phone call messages requesting a letter to prove that the site is not an international marriage broker site I've been doing this for over 3 months many many times and cannot get any replies to any of my messages. When I first sent my paperwork in they said that the papers from this site the terms and conditions would be fine. Now a couple months later they are not enough and are requesting the letter proving that they are not an international marriage broker and why they are exempt from the IMBRA... does anyone have any luck any advice or a number that they know works or anything anything please help it's been a year I want my fiance I miss him I love him. Please thank you thank you

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    As we all know and obviously facebook is a social media site and not an IMB. However, recently, any online website (e.g. dating sites, social media, APPS etc.) connotes IMBRA issues on the USCIS. You must submit a copy of the signed written consent form that the International Marriage Broker obtained from the alien authorizing the release of her/his personal contact information to you, or documentation to establish that the website is not an International Marriage Broker.

    You may want to try to contact them from time to time. It is already beyond our control as it is required by the US government specifically the USCIS.

    You may include the email message from the website . Then include the terms and condition and privacy statement of the website.


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      I also met my fiancé on international Cupid will I also have the same issue?


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        Yes. As stated above, any online website (e.g. dating sites, social media, APPS etc.) connotes IMBRA issues on the USCIS....


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