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How to Prove Facebook is Not an IMB

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  • How to Prove Facebook is Not an IMB

    My K-1 Visa application was reviewed and since I met my fiance on Facebook they're saying I need a form from Facebook stating its not an IMB website. I have no idea how to do that, its Facebook for goodness sake! I don't know what to do. Please help.

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    As we all know and obviously facebook is a social media site and not an IMB. However, recently, any online website (e.g. dating sites, social media, APPS etc.) connotes IMBRA issues on the USCIS. You must submit a copy of the signed written consent form that the International Marriage Broker obtained from the alien authorizing the release of her/his personal contact information to you, or documentation to establish that the website is not an International Marriage Broker.

    You may want to contact the website you met on and/or check their Use of Service OR Terms of Use to see if they have a statement regarding International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA) OR whether or not they comply with IMBRA.

    Include the email message from the website . Then include the terms and condition and privacy statement of the website.


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      All you need to do is print out the terms and conditions of facebook thats it..


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