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  • We are living in South Korea


    My fiancé (a UK citizen) and I (a US citizen) currently live in South Korea, and are leaving here in about a month. First, we will travel to England for 10 days, and then we will travel to the US for a 3 week family vacation/family member’s wedding. We planned all of this BEFORE we knew we were getting engaged and before we knew wanted to apply for the K1 visa.

    So my question is this, can we begin to file while he is visiting the US, or does he have to be outside of the country when the filing process begins? He is coming on a 90 day tourist visa, and is staying for less than 90 days. Also, do I apply for it in the US, or does he apply for it in the UK?

    Thank you for your time and help.
    I ask questions!

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    All petitions are being file initially in the US while the interview would be held on her country. You can start your application but make sure that she'll be back to her country before her interview appointment.


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