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Fiance visa (income requirement)

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  • Fiance visa (income requirement)

    Hi, I want to apply for a fiance visa for my fiance she lives in China and I live in the US. However, the last 5 years I have little or no income because I've been unemployed. Also I have been taking care of my father the last few years because of a stroke he is better now. Recently this month I started my own business so I don't have a stable income but should do better as time goes on. So I don't meet the income requirement by myself. My question is can I use my father as a joint sponsor he has more than enough income to meet the requirement? If so what forms are needed for this? Please help.

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    A joint sponsor can be any U.S. citizen, U.S. national, or lawful permanent resident who is at least 18 years old, domiciled in the United States, or its territories or possessions, and willing to be held jointly liable with the petitioner for the support of the intending immigrant. A joint sponsor does not have to be related to the petitioning sponsor or the intending immigrant.


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