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    I submitted our k1- 129f petition to uscis on Oct.21st 2017. Received noa1 on nov. 2nd 2017. Have not received noa2. Its been 7 long frustrating months for us. We look on line and we see so many people that have received the approvals. But ours still say the same, even though i called several times, and its like talking to a recording, coz they say the same thing. Which is conflicting with what their website says. I submitted an online request stating that our petition is out of normal processing time. On may 15. 2018. Didnt hear nothing until june 16. 2018, i received a reply stating that they are still reviewing our petition. Is there anyone else out there going through this? We have been waiting patiently for so long to be together.

    Please what else can we do?

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    So you file the petition on a DIY or did you hire someone to help you like RapidVisa?


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      Blue Love, according to the information given by INS the waiting period at present for a K1-129F visa is 11/2 to 2 years, do to the reduction of agents on that department, so be patient


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