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Fiancé is already applied for the K-1

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  • Fiancé is already applied for the K-1

    Hi I am Sanjaya, from Sri Lanka. Fiancé is already applied for the K-1 visa so I am waiting for the appointment for the interview, Just want to know do I have an online register and any payment make for the appointment. If may you have any link for the registration please let me know.
    Already 6 months for k-1 application on next month.

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    Did your fiance (the sponsor) already receive the Approval Notice from the USCIS?
    If not, then you need to wait for the Approval Notice first.
    You can check on the link below for the K1 Fiance Visa Timeline:
    You can only pay the visa fee and schedule the Embassy interview once you (the beneficiary) received the Packet of Instructions from the US Embassy.


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