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  • Assistance required for IR5

    I have a son born in the US while I was working on a H1 visa in 1997. My son will be 21 during Dec 2018. I now wish to return to the US, but thus far my H1 applications have been unsuccessful. I now am thinking about applying for an IR5. Searching the internet leaves me with two questions that I need answers to.
    1) my son stays with me in South Africa and does not have a domicile on the US, will this be a problem.
    2) my son is still dependant on me financially, could I give him $150K to prove financial means.
    Unrelated to the questions I see several jobs advertised with my skill sets so I do not foresee any problems relating to a job.
    Thanking in advance

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    1. If you're son will apply for a Parent Visa (IR5), the Government will asked for Proof of Domicile.

    2. The Petitioner/Sponsor must prove that he/she meet the income requirement as based on the Tax Returns.


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