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Visa denied due to form I 601 missing

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  • Visa denied due to form I 601 missing

    Came to visa interview at Ciudad Juarez and visa was denied due to form I 601 missing which is a waiver for grounds of Inadmisibility. Applied for it with the USCIS however I am not sure if visa will stay active until USCIS makes a decision on whether this will be approved or not. If God allows this to be approved which is what we are hopping for am I supposed to re apply for the Visa or will the USCIS notify the Visa department if this is approved and will I then get rescheduled for my visa interview? Anyone with a familiar case that's got any advice is very appreciated thanks

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    Have no idea how the process work after you submit the I-601. The USCIS will definitely correspond to you about your application. And they will send instruction on how to proceed with it.


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      Do you know what is the estimate time that this process takes?


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        That I do not have enough info. Best to contact the USCIS directly.


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          Why was you denied


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