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Can I do the medical exam earlier

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  • Can I do the medical exam earlier

    Hi. Can I do the medical exam earlier? I know that I have a lung scar and my visa time line will be affected and will be extended for 2 months. So I just want to ask if can I do the medical exam 2 months before the medical schedule at St.Lukes? Will they accept the result of it knowing that I will have this test on the same facility(St.Lukes) ? or they will need to retest me again?

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    Normally the medical test in st luke's extension clinic is a first come first serve basis. And they can only accommodate you if your petition has already been forwarded to the US Embassy as the medical facility will be asking for proof of your eligibility. If you will be taking an advance test from other st. luke's facility, there is no assurance that the St. Luke's Extension clinic will accept it since their own findings is the only basis they refer to when releasing assessment and result.


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