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We don't have a wedding photo

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  • We don't have a wedding photo

    Im sudanese man married to amircan woman last year but we didnt have marriage certificate since that time and my wife get pergnant and egybet where we visit me and staying together for one month , after she get back to usa she born the child in december 2016 then she came to visit me in egyebt on march 2017 and we get the marriage certificate after we stamp it from amircan embassy in cairo we have pics together but we dont have pics of the marriage cermony cuz we didnt celebrate cuz relgious matter my wife get back to usa last week what is my chances to get approval without wedding’s pics?
    I ask questions!

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    Marriage Certificate is the main proof of your wedding or marriage. Wedding pictures are just supporting documents but it doesn't actually considered as main proof of your marriage.


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