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I have two illegitimate children in the Philippines.

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  • I have two illegitimate children in the Philippines.

    I habe two illegitimate children in the Philippines. We had them when my x, their father had been separated from his wife for 3 years I think but they’re not annuled yet. The kids are 11 years old. My parents are the ones who took care of them in the Philippines while I am here in United States. How can I bring them here, their father is a Canadian citizen now and I am a permanent residence here. Their father is not consistent on his support to our kids. He does not give money most of the time, it’s on and off, and I always beg. He visited them 3 times only during the 8 years I have been away in the Philippines. Instead of using my money to buy plane ticket, I just send it to my kids. For now I am unemployed due to my child here to, I watch him for now, and my husband is the one working for the mean time. And now, how do I bring them here without asking their father’s consent. He is married in the Philippines and currently have a common law wife in Canada. Thank you
    I ask questions!

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