i married my filipina wife august 29th 2016 and I submitted the spouse visa by march 2017, and then july 7th i was in a horrific accident and contacted my senator to help expedite this and after submitting medical records and letter from my doctor it has not seemed to make any difference at all, because now it's January and no answer what so ever.. and I still am unable to do anything for myself. I have no family and friends and my wife is the only one who would help. So the magical question is what do I do now?? I cannot continue this for much longer and I am about ready to just give up and move to the Philippines and live there instead!! Our immigration system has become absolutely horrible and I am in a wheelchair and cannot clean cook, laundry, and bathing is terrible!! How do I get them to respond and give us our approval!! It said on their website that after they receive the petition it will take 3-5 months we'll it now short of 1year!! And I submitted pictures, letters, receipts, bank statements, marriage and birth certificates, etc.. and still no response!!!!! Please can anyone give me advice on what I should do next?? Thank you Eddie Ford