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  • Want to see my wife

    My wife and I were married in the Philippines in October 2017. the Petition receipt was December the 15th 2017, so we are now in the 6th month. I have been told that it I should be there when my wife goes to the embassy interview, that I may or may not be allowed in, but that it could show our bonified marriage.

    My wife and I are missing each other and I would plan a trip, but am waiting the approval and date for her interview. As I am employed and hard to get time off often especially as I am in Texas, should I wait for the interview for Visa or plan a trip? I miss her so much as she does me too.

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    Hello laroy. The USCIS Approval now takes 7 months in average, once the USCIS approves you petition they will then forward it to the NVC (Department of State), the NVC will then send you the Welcome Letter with your NVC Case number on it with the Invoice ID and instructions how to pay the NVC fees online with the list of required documents. It takes them around 6 weeks to review your documents before they'll send you the appointment letter with the date of your wife's embassy interview.

    Below is the CR1 Spousal Visa Average Timeline that you can check for your reference:

    Total time from mailing to visa in-hand: 8-10 Months

    * USCIS Receipt Notice: 1-2 Weeks after mailing.
    * USCIS Approval Notice: 5-7 Months after mailing.
    * Agent Selection and Affidavit of Support email/invoice from NVC: 2-4 weeks after Approval Notice
    * Immigrant Visa Fee email/invoice from NVC: 1-3 weeks after Agent Selection email.
    * Medical Exam: Must be done at least 5 business days before interview.
    * Embassy Interview: 2-3 months after mailing DS-260 to NVC.
    * Visa Available: Usually 7-10 business days after interview but could take up to a month.
    * Green Card arrives in the mail 3-4 weeks after entering the USA.

    It would be best to wait for the appointment letter from the NVC
    or you can go ahead and visit her just make sure to have someone on your US address who can check your mails and to notify you right away if the appointment letter arrives.

    You are not required to be at the embassy interview but you are allowed to accompany her.


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      thank you so much for the reply.

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