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Has July filers gotten Approval letter

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  • Has July filers gotten Approval letter

    I was just womdering if any July filers have recieved their APPROVAL NOTICE or if anyone can post their timeframe here to give us all some peace of mind to know more or less the time it takes for this process??

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    If you are a July filers, you may normally expect your USCIS approval within 3-5 months after mailing. In your case, you have to wait until December.


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      My case is at NVC on USCIS website says they workinh Jn cases is this really true? Also why do some ppl say NSC gives REF for u not sending in original marriage certificates?


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        If you are free to please provide your case number here so I can advise you further OR best to contact directly as to where you have processed your application or ask assistance from them so they can advise you accordingly. Priority dates are normally for non-immigrants applicants. Please be reminded that each application differs from each other; it's a case to case basis.

        Technically, for NVC stage, you have to submit photocopies only, HOWEVER, it is always on their discretion if they will require you to submit an original copies.


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          I only have a reciept number and it doesnt show on website they say it a glitch. Im PRAYING i get my notice by December... Ty so much for replying..


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            I have also submitted my wife visa application in July 2017.. but I have not received any update from the USCIS. When i check on the USCIS website its still the same, just says they have received the application. I check the processing times for the Texas Service Center, but I'm confused as to what that means. Any advice or help?


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              We are in the same boat. USCIS received our documents July, 7th. All we received was the letter saying they received it. Nothing more.....uugghh


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                I submitted my petition January 9, 2017, I received my approval letter late November 2017. My husband has his interview with the embassy January 24, 2018.. hope that gives you an idea of the time line


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                  As of 2018, if you do everything correctly, avoid getting a request for evidence, and aren’t from a high-fraud area, the process is taking on average from 7 to 10 months, from start to finish.


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