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    Hi, newbie here and I'm curious if anyone sent in pics, chats, proof of visit with the I30, I30A app. My spouse and I will not be able to provide joint accounts for anything because we live apart. I have change my last name on my SSN card, drivers license and have added him to driver insurance and as an authorized buyer to a few cards. With no ssn, its impossible to add him to my bank accounts, etc...We also have affidavits done by our closes friends and co-workers in addition to the marriage certificate and passport photos. I see folks who are doing this process alone tend to send in everything with the initial app-- will Rapid Visa send on our behalf as well if I send to them as proof of relationship? TIA Edit: He is coming from a high fraud country!
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    I really recommend sending in Other Proof of Bonafide marriage like pics, chat, ect... Rapid Visa recommended that we submit these with our petition and we did.
    Our guide to providing other relevant documents to prove bona fide marriage for USCIS I-130 Petition for Alien Spouse, IR-1 and CR-1 Spouse Visa


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      ok, thanks!

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